Parked our car in Harvard Yard this morning to drop of the boy at a Latin competition. Then watched some crew on the Charles. Now feeling the need for some tweed and good bourbon. 🤣

Whenever things start frustrating me I pick up Marcus Aurelius.

“..don’t be upset. Nothing happens that isn’t in accord with universal nature, and before long you won’t exist at all..”

The world does what the world does and our problems are mere blips in existence.

I’m a teacher, a job search coach, a runner, a writer…

But what I really identify as is a leisure enthusiast.

After being down with the flu for my entire February break I finally felt at least human on Saturday, which was great because we had tickets to take the boy to see the German power metal band, POWERWOLF. Amazing show. Those guys are real showman and are clearly having a lot of fun with an over-the-top type show.

You know what’s a bummer? Starting February with a lousy cold. You know what’s not? I’ve been able to do a complete refresh on my business systems while sitting on the couch. I also have a full slate of client work ahead of me which means I may buy that new watch I’ve had my eye on.

Watching Genesis – Live At Wembley Stadium from 1987 and coming to the realization that they are simultaneously my favorite prog rock band from the 70s and my favorite pop band of the 80s. Impressive feat.