Job Search Services


I’ll take your skills and experience and create a professional image and brand to encapsulate your career purpose and goals.

Executive Resumes

A modern resume can be summed up in two phrases- clean lines and current content. This means a document that is not afraid of white space and can be scanned quickly. A resume is like an advertisement. If an ad is cluttered it will often be skipped or key information will be lost. Current content means that the last ten years of employment should be the focus.

LinkedIn Profiles

Over 7,000 people search LinkedIn every minute of every day. With so much regular activity you want to be sure that your profile is optimized for peak performance and that you avoid some of the common pitfalls of LinkedIn users.


I also provide virtual job search coaching in addition to my 5-day email Job Search Jump Start course, which includes three 40+ page workbooks on networking, interviewing and getting the most out of LinkedIn.