How I Work

The best work comes about when there is a collaboration between client and writer so I will expect some back and forth with you as we get everything just right. After a lot of trial and error I have found email to be the best way to communicate accurately and efficiently.  For this to go smoothly we both need to agree to respond to emails within 24 hrs. Your time is important and so is mine.

First, I will review your current resume. There is no charge for this as it helps me understand your background and provide an accurate quote and it lets you see how I work. If after this review, we both feel like there is a fit, I’ll send along a contract and we’ll get started.

Once we start, the process will be one of collaboration. I’ll send each piece of the project to you as soon as it’s finished for comments. Once I get your feedback I’ll make edits and move on to the next piece. The entire process should take no longer than one week.

Most of the big-box companies will nickel and dime you with add-ons, opening with a lower price on the resume and then add on over-priced cover letters and thank you letters. I don’t. I am telling you upfront you don’t want just a resume. You need a complete package that has a cohesive style to stand out.