I created SPB Job Search Strategies so we could both win in this relationship. I don’t farm out any work or hire a temporary staff. A well crafted professional brand comes from a partnership between writer and client. So, you’ve got me until you are satisfied.

  • Have a question about the services? I’ll give you an answer.
  • Want your resume or LinkedIn profile reviewed for free? I do that.
  • Ready to purchase and work together? Great, you’ll get me here too.
  • Have a problem with your resume, or need a quick tweak three months later? Still me here.

You get the idea.


I have been working with leaders on the rise in just about every industry type imaginable for over 10 years now. As a globally recognized executive resume writer and Job Search Strategist, I have worked with clients as close to me as Boston and as remote from me as Australia.

Today’s job market is an evolving one. So I do more than simply write your resume. Jobseekers need to approach the job hunt across a wide array of platforms and I am here to help. The following is a list of my regular services.

  • Executive resumes and C.V.’s
  • Cover letters
  • Thank you letters
  • LinkedIn profile summaries
  • Digital landing pages
  • Branding strategies
  • Interview coaching

The list is not exhaustive. If you have a career related need, (application essay, video script, interview questions etc) I can help. Just shoot me an email  at steve@stevepbrady.me and we can work something out.


I understand that investing in an Executive Resume package can be an intimidating process. Rest assured, I’ll make it as painless as possible. Below are a few kind words from former clients.

“I recently worked with Steve to do a remake of my resume and LinkedIn profile. Noticed that I said “worked with” rather than “hired him to”, this is a huge difference. Steve was very easy to work with and came up with many constructive ideas, but he also went above and beyond to understand my need, and my experience for what is important to express in my line of work.”  — Ola Soderquist | CFO

“Steve recently wrote my resume and I could not be more pleased with the result! I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of this service. He accommodated all of my requests and was an absolute pleasure to work with! He has a wonderful, easy-going nature, he is responsive, timely and excellent at what he does! I will absolutely be returning to Steve for my future writing needs!”  — Christine Doucette | Research Analyst 

“Steve came highly recommended and was a pleasure to work with. He was very quick to respond to my initial inquiry and worked efficiently within my time frame until the job was completed. I have received numerous compliments on my new resume and I know that I am now equipped with a powerful tool to help get me in the door. Thanks Steve.” — Laura Tomlin | Senior Administrative Assistant 

“Steve was very informative throughout all the steps and the final product was miles above what I expected! Great value and great service will bring me back to Steve again. Highly recommended!”  — Jason Demek | Commercial Production Manager

“Steve is very easy to work with. He is responsive, personable, and professional. He writes well, and more importantly, receives and incorporates feedback exceptionally well. His rates are reasonable and should I find myself in need, I will certainly do business with him again”  — Joshua Fritsch | Senior IT Director

“Steve was very prompt in providing me with a detailed, professional critique of my current resume. It showed me that he was a true expert in his field. After receiving my critique, I felt confident in what I had and what I could do to improve it further.” — Jeff Bogdanof | Contractor

“I am a person very big on customer service and Steve met and exceeded my expectations in this area. He is very professional, quick to respond, and thorough. If you or someone you know is needing a resume update, I highly recommend using Steve.” — Anne-Marie Howdeshell | Human Resource Manager


Most of the big-box companies will nickel and dime you with add-ons, opening with a lower price on the resume and then add on over-priced cover letters and thank you letters. I don’t. I am telling you upfront you don’t want just a resume. You need a complete package that has a cohesive style in order to stand out. So I only offer complete packages.

I offer 2 packages, Basic and Complete.

In the Basic Package, you get-

  1. A fully branded, keyword-rich resume made up of 4 sections: a branding statement, a core competency section, a work history and an education section.
  2. A similarly branded keyword rich cover letter
  3. A similarly branded reference sheet

In the Complete Package, you get- 

A complete set of career documents

  1. A fully branded, keyword rich resume made up of 4 sections: a branding statement, a core competency section, a work history and an education section.
  2. A similarly branded LI profile summary
  3. A similarly branded keyword rich cover letter
  4. A post-interview thank-you letter with generic script that can be edited for each interview
  5. A similarly formatted reference sheet

Virtual Job Search Coaching:

  1. Enrollment into my 5-day Job Search Coaching email course

Digital Guides:

  1. Digital Guide: Quick & Easy Guide to Job Interviews
    • 20+ page workbook to guide you through preparing for each interview
  2. Digital Guide: Quick & Easy Guide to Networking
    • 23 pages of online and offline networking how-to advice
  3. Digital Guide: Quick & Easy Guide to LinkedIn
    • 40 pages of LinkedIn how-to advice and guidance

As for cost, while I am not a $199 cut-and-paste kind of guy, I am not a $2,500 a package job coach either. I market myself as a happy medium. The exact cost of each package depends of the type of job targeted as well as the client’s experience level.

I work with clients who want an experienced professional who knows the ins and outs of creating a professional brand, and they want personalized service.

If you are serious about getting a new job and growing your career, I’d love to work with you. If you are ready, simply shoot me an email and I’ll get right back to you.

Email me today at steve@stevepbrady.me