"I was taught this way." "Everyone else does it." Those are excuses. You can be whoever you want to be. Do you think people you admire came out of the womb benevolent, gracious and wise? Of course not they worked on it. Do the work.

The end of June means the end of another school year and a summer spent entirely on client work. This mug was a going away gift from one of my students. Shakespeare insults. They know me so well.

Really enjoying season two of Luke Cage. Might be the first Marvel show where the second season is superior to the first. Just goes to show, everything can be improved. Never stop pushing.

Saw two local bands tonight. One was made up of high school kids, which is cool. But the other one is made up of 8-year-olds, and they're opening for Warped Tour. At 8 I was playing with Star Wars action figures.