Overqualified Doesn’t Mean Unemployable

Being overqualified doesn't have to be a death-knell to your employment prospects. There are many valid reasons for wanting to take a slight step down the career ladder. Maybe you realize your passion better fits a non-management role. Maybe you've decided family obligations require you to take a position with a bit less responsibility. Maybe … Continue reading Overqualified Doesn’t Mean Unemployable

Performance Evaluations and Your Resume

Performance evaluations matter. Not just for your current position, but as material to use on your resume and LinkedIn profile. So if you are preparing for a mid-year review follow these steps to get yourself ready. List your previous goals and review the measurement metrics. Objectively review how you did on each one. Assess performance … Continue reading Performance Evaluations and Your Resume

Want to Get More Done Next Week?

Start with the non-negotiables. Staring at your calendar for the week can be daunting. After incorporating every single meeting, coffee date, working lunch, and time blocked for projects it can feel like you'll never have time to accomplish anything. So try this trick next week. Start with your non-negotiables. This will give you more ownership of your … Continue reading Want to Get More Done Next Week?