“The greater the difficulty, the more glory in surmounting it.” ― Epictetus

ATS. Professional Branding. Work Gaps. Core Competencies. I hear you. It’s all a little confusing. Today’s job market is a complicated puzzle, but I can help you fit the pieces together.

By day I am an English teacher. By night I am an Job Search Coach with 15 years of experience helping job seekers just like you. And while my vocation is that of a teacher and coach, in my leisure time I like to think about philosophy, books, music and film. In other words, I am a real person you’re working with, not a faceless organization.

As a globally recognized executive resume writer and job search coach, I have worked with people as close to me as Boston and as remote from me as Australia. My clients have gone on to work for major sports teams, prominent television channels and media companies as well as becoming CEO’s of all stripes.

I understand that investing in an Executive Resume package can be an intimidating process, so I’ll make it as painless as possible. I offer a number of career documents: fully branded, keyword rich resumes, LI profile summaries, cover letters , post-interview thank-you letters, reference sheets, and some light coaching.

I only help people who are serious. Are you ready?