I owe you a big thank you!

I owe you a big thank you!

I need to say a big thank you. Covid times have been a strange trip for many businesses, but I am so incredibly grateful that things here at Classical Coaching are going well.

In fact, we are in the midst of our best quarter ever! (That’s the royal we right there as it’s really just me and my wife toiling away here in the home office).

If you have worked with me over the past year and a half you are totally the reason why I am able to keep doing this work.

Thank you!

I’ve never strived to build the biggest business, just one that was quietly successful. I’ve had offers to join with larger firms, to take on additional writers – to scale. But that’s just not me.

For me, small is better than big.

I’m not a huge resume writing company.

I don’t take on dozens of clients a month.

I don’t farm out projects or work with a stable of assistants.

I work with a small and select group of clients- people looking to level up from their 5 figure careers and become true 6 figure professionals.

So far this year I’ve helped 89 seekers land interviews at their dream companies.

If you are one of them, you have my gratitude for letting me be part of your journey.

If you have been waiting on the sidelines, now may be the time to act.

Want to join them?

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