LinkedIn Profiles: 4 Mistakes To Avoid

You know how important LinkedIn is, not only for an active job search, but for career longevity in general.

I looked at over 40 LinkedIn profiles last week.

Here’s what I saw.

1. Poor headshots.

Stop with the obvious selfies and awkwardly cropped shots. This is your career. Be a professional.

Do this instead.

Stand against a fairly bland wall with a light shining on you. Have someone take a clear headshot with a decent camera- most modern cell phones should be more than adequate. 

2. Bad headlines.

Do not use LinkedIn’s default for your headline. You don’t need to be advertising your current employer. You need to be selling yourself!

Do this instead.

Be sure your headline is dynamic enough to make the searcher click through to your profile page. Here’s a formula I recommend: I am a XX who provides YY for the ZZ industry.

3. Missed opportunities in the About section.

Do not waste this chance to tell your story. I see so many people either leaving this section blank, or just writing a couple quick sentences about their career.

Do this instead.

Next to the headline this is the most important part of your profile. Use all 2500 characters that LinkedIn allows. Be a bit more relaxed and personal here. Tell us your story.

4. Lack of recommendations.

This is another section that is often a blank. LinkedIn is giving you the chance to let others brag about you. Let them.

Do this instead.

This is the best social proof you can have. Reach out and get a handful. If you’re not sure how to ask, just start giving some to colleagues. Employ recommendation karma.

Learn from others’ mistakes and level up your own profile this week.

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