Want The Attention Of 1,000 Recruiters?

Want to get recruiter’s eyes on your LinkedIn profile?

Of course you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. 😁

But here’s the thing, unless you have a sizable following already (2,000+ followers) it’s hard to get noticed.

Luckily there is a shortcut. Steal someone else’s audience.

But this kind of stealing is a victimless crime. In fact both you and your target get something out of it.

OK, enough preamble, you want to know how this works, right?

It’s all about commenting. You see, the way LinkedIn’s algorithm works, when you comment on a post, not only are you exposed to the poster’s audience, but that post is then shared with yours.


The key for you is to comment on people who have a large enough following in a field related to your goals. In this case, landing an interview and getting a job.

For instance, I have over 11,000 followers, and almost 1,000 of them are recruiters, So if you commented on one of my posts you’d be exposed to a lot of people who could potentially help you in your search.

Plus, you’d be helping me expand my reach by exposing my post to your followers. Everybody wins.

Here’s this week’s homework: Identify 5 people with sizable followings who post regularly, bookmark their posts page and start commenting. You’ll see the best results if you are one of the first comments on the post, as those comments tend to get the most traction.

If you want to use me as a test run, I post weekdays at 7:45 EST. I’m also usually on LI for about an hour after I post, so if you comment, I’ll respond right away to further boost your comment and exposure.

Here’s the link to my post page. Click Here: Recent Posts

That’s it for today.

Hope to see you in my feed tomorrow.

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