It’s OK To Ask For Help

Quick story. This has been one of the rainiest summers here in New England that I can remember. And you know what stinks?

3 inches of water in my basement. 💦

It’s not a finished basement, but still, quite the mess.

But it got me thinking about jobseekers. Yes you!

Hold on, I’ll get there in a second.

But first let me tell you what we did about the basement.

First, I got a sump pump and dealt with the immediate issue.

Second, I did a visual inspection of the foundation to see if any cracks had developed. (They hadn’t, thank god!)

Third, I called in some experts and had my gutters inspected. Turns out we had some serious clogs and nonfunctional downspouts.

Point of all this?

I don’t ignore problems. I do something about it.

Now back to you.

Are you happy with your job search results or lack thereof?

Or are you feeling stuck?

If so, what are you doing about it.

Because it’s not going to fix itself. You might need help. And helping people with their job search is what I do.

And after 15+ years of doing this kind of work, I’m pretty good at it. 😁

Don’t ignore that metaphorical water in the basement.

Do something. Only you can. Go ahead and invest in yourself.

You won’t be sorry.

After all, what’s there to lose?

It’s a choice between struggling or getting relief.

It doesn’t have to be me, but reach out to someone. 

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