80% of New Hires Come From…

I know I sound like a broken record sometimes when it comes to how important this is, but stick with me.

Most people (including me) hate/hated networking.

Which is a problem.

Because networking is the #1 way to land a job or advance your career – responsible for up to 80% of new hires.


But people still flock to job boards.

Why did I hate it?

And why do you?

For me it was because I bought into a bunch of myths.

Such as:

  • Networking bothers people
  • It’s time consuming
  • It’s awkward
  • It doesn’t really work

But I was wrong.

And once I put a system in place to network regularly, my career and business took off. There is a direct correlation between your daily actions and the number of opportunities that come your way.

And you know what’s really fun?

When I work with someone on their networking strategy and get notes back like this. 👇 

“I want to thank you for the advice and encouragement posts you post from time-to-time, as they help me through these difficult past 6 months. I will never again lead a passive career as you once previously mentioned.” ~ Ramona

She wasn’t even a client of mine, just someone who followed along with my posts on LinkedIn and messaged me for some advice periodically. 

(BTW, you are following me on LinkedIn, right? No? Well click here and let’s connect!)

All the negative energy goes right out the window when I receive a message like that.


I’m so glad I decided to focus my career coaching business on teaching people about this not-so-secret technique for breaking through and landing a job. 

Now it’s the not only the most profitable thing I do…it’s also one of the most enjoyable.

Here’s the deal.

If you want to grow your career you absolutely need:

– A personal brand

– A strong LinkedIn profile

– A system you can implement

You can learn how to build and deploy all three. The information is out there. 

If you want to jump start the process, reach out, I’d be happy to show you what we can accomplish together.

Job seeking doesn’t have to be that hard.

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