Do You Want To Be Good Or Great?

Do You Want To Be Good Or Great?

What separates the “good” careerists from the great?

The good ones write their resume, tweak their profiles and start applying, hoping they get lucky and that everything turns out ok.

The great ones don’t hope. They rely on plans and systems and detailed preparation.

They don’t depend on luck.

Do you have systems in place for your career?

Have you created a system to always be open and available to opportunities?

Do you have a strategy to easily tweak your materials to match any job opening?

Don’t let the good job market fool you; you will need much more than spray and pray strategy to land your dream job or advance in your career.

You should take nothing for granted, and if you’re smart you’ll take advantage of every tool and resource at your disposal to ensure you get where you want to go.

If you’re not prepared, don’t expect to get the job you want over the next applicant who is.

The winning strategy is simple, but it’s not easy.

  1. Create and maintain a powerful personal brand
  2. Have a resume targeting strategy
  3. Write a LinkedIn profile that attracts opportunities
  4. Always Be Networking
  5. Tap the hidden job market

Prepare yourself.

Are you ready?

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