Networking for Introverts in 4 Easy Steps

Networking for Introverts in 4 Easy Steps

Networking is where it’s at.

85 percent of jobs are filled by networking according to U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics

That’s unbeatable.

But it all starts with you getting yourself out there.

And I know that isn’t easy for everyone. Luckily with a channel like LinkedIn even introverts can become expert networkers.

So let’s dive in and look at a few great ways to start building your network!

#1 Start commenting

Borrow someone else’s audience.

Commenting on the posts you see in your feed is a quick and easy way to gain some exposure.

This way you do not have to struggle to think of things to post, you simply add some value to a topic that someone else has created. They’ll appreciate it too as the more comments a post gets the more the algorithm shows it. 

It’s a win-win.

#2 Share Articles

This is one small step up from commenting on other’s content. 

You can find interesting articles to share everywhere. Find something related to your profession and share it with a short comment of your own.

Bonus points if you tag someone that you want to connect with.

#3 Join groups

There are currently over 2 million active LinkedIn groups and more than 8,000 others are entering the playing field each week.

I’m sure you can find a handful that are aligned with your career. Once you’re in repeat steps 1 and 2 but inside the group.

Now you are sharing with a captive audience of likeminded professionals.

#4 Connection requests

After a few weeks of regular commenting and sharing it’s time to start officially connecting with some new people.

Start with people who have commented on your posts. When you send the request add a note thanking them for their comment.

Then start reaching out to people in your groups.

If you consistently follow these 4 steps you’ll have a solid network in no time.

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