How To Break Out Of A Job Search Rut

How To Break Out Of A Job Search Rut

We’ve all heard that famous definition of insanity before, right? 

Trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

I know I’m guilty of this when it comes to my health. There’s a reason I can’t seem to lose those final, stubborn 15 pounds. I keep thinking I can exercise them away without looking seriously at my diet.

Why do we do this to ourselves? We know deep down what the results are going to be. Whether it’s our health, careers, or relationships we keep acting out that age-old definition of insanity.

Maybe it’s because sticking to the same plan is easy. We can still feel productive and like we are making progress. And even bigger issue is that we can then outsource some of the blame for our lack of success on something, or someone, else- we’re trying after all!

Your job search is stalling out because of:

  • Lousy recruiters
  • ATS programs
  • Poor job market
  • Ageism

I know if feels easier to keep falling this pattern, but we’d be better off taking a long hard look in the mirror and asking some hard questions.

  • When is the last time I evaluated my strategy?
  • Have I read and studied how others have been successful?
  • Have a tried at least one new tactic?

This is key when it comes to job searching because it’s not 2007 any more. What may have worked then probably won’t now.

If you are defeated once and tell yourself you will overcome, but carry on as before, know in the end you’ll be so weakened that eventually you won’t even recognize your mistake, and worse you’ll begin to rationalize your behavior.” ~ Epictetus.

Instead of looking for job openings you should be identifying pain points.

Instead of just focusing on your resume, you should be focusing on social proof.

Instead of focusing on what to say in an interview, focus on what you should do as well.

So if you want to do more than just roll the dice on your goals it’s time to look at things differently and try something new.

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