8 Questions to Determine if it is Time for a Change

The average careerist changes jobs every 5-7 years, but deciding whether or not the time is right for you can be fraught with self-imposed obstacles. When you contemplate looking for a new job or switching careers, do you find yourself focusing on more than 3 of these?

  1. Consider the cost of switching before you consider the benefits?
  2. Highlight the work of job searching over the benefits of a fresh start?
  3. Exaggerate how good things are now in order to reduce your fear of change?
  4. Grab onto the rare thing that could go wrong instead of  all the likely things that could go right?
  5. Focus on short-term costs instead of long-term benefits?
  6. Worry about losing status earned only through tenure and longevity?
  7. Imagine that your competition is going to be better positioned than you and therefore more likely to get the job?
  8. Compare the best of what you have now with the possible worst of what a change might bring?

If you answered yes then you may be sabotaging your own success. Take a fresh look at those above statements, but this time, turn them around.

  1. Consider the benefits of switching rather than the short term costs.
  2. Highlight the excitement of job searching over the work.
  3. Remind yourself why you are thinking about a change in the first place.
  4. Think of all the things that could go right with this possible decision.
  5. Focus on long-term benefits instead of short-term costs?
  6. Think about the new experiences you will gain that will add to your resume.
  7. Know that you are highly skilled and experienced and that any employer would be lucky to have you on their team.
  8. Compare the worst of what you have now with the possible best of what a change might bring?

A change in mindset like this can help you decide whether or not now is the time for a move.