Tell yourself first

Tell yourself first

Do you know the secret value of writing your branding statement on LinkedIn? Short version: It has nothing to do with keywords and search value.

Of course your headline/branding statement is important in terms of SEO value, but it has a 2nd, even more important, function. It is how you chose to define yourself, and as such it has an aspirational element.

I’ll use myself as an example. I used to call myself an “Executive resume writer crafting job-winning resumes for job seekers.” But this was actually limiting. Because what I really wanted to do was be more of a job search coach helping people beyond simply writing the resume. But as long as I defined myself as just a resume writer that was all I did.

That changed when I chose to change how I defined myself. I now consider myself a “Job search coach helping leaders on the rise.” By just rewording what I consider myself to be, I began attracting a different type of client and I started working differently with them.

So your branding statement is also a bit of positive psychology. Tell the world what you want to be, and then go be it.

But you have to tell yourself first.

So what do you really want to be?

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