Reality Check for Job Seekers

Reality Check for Job Seekers

I spend a lot of time on LinkedIn, specifically in Groups. I like helping people who are starting out on that job search journey as well as those who are veterans of the process, but who may not be up on the latest changes. By doing this I get to see where people’s sticking points are and what they consider their pain points. Then, as a Job Search Coach I can better tailor my own services to meet their needs.

However, I also get to see how unrealistic a lot of seekers expectations are.

Many people assume that their emails and applications will always be answered- and in short order. They expect the resume they used during their last job search to still work. They assume once they have created a profile on LinkedIn or Glassdoor that recruiters will come knocking on their door. And most importantly they assume the whole job search will only take a month.

Unfortunately most, if not all, of these assumptions are wrong. While some people may be lucky enough to find gold their first time panning in the river, the majority will work long hours and for a long time to find what they are loking for. Here are some facts about the realities of the modern job search.

You won’t hear back often
When you send in an application or try to connect with a recruiter you most likely will not hear back. This is largely due to the fact that they are receiving 100’s of emails a day. Logistically they can simply not get back to everyone. This also happens after informational interviews. Many job seekers expect to hear back soon and if they get bad news they want to know why? What could they do to improve? While occasionally a recruiter may give some feedback, the bottom line is that they work for the company, not you, and they simply do not have the man power to provide detailed feedback to everyone who goes through the interview process.

Getting noticed takes time
Social media is not a set it and forget it enterprise. You need to engage daily and spend time networking with the right people. This is all the more true when it comes to LinkedIn. It is an amazing resource but only if you use it. Every. Day. Join groups, reach out to people in the companies you are targeting, follow their posts. Networking is only as good as the networker.

It will take a while
I’ve known people who found jobs in 2 weeks, and I’ve know people who searched for over a year before landing the perfect position. But on average, the modern job search takes 3-4 months. It is just the reality of the situation. The process is slow largely due to the fact that so many people apply for each opening. Up to 250 per corporate job. This is a lot of candidates to go through, analyze and interview, even after ATS does the initial culling.

The reality of the modern job search is- you need to treat it like a job itself. Once you do you can put a strategy in place to succeed.