Five Thoughts For Friday

ONE: Weekend HW Find an accountability partner. Recruit one person to support, encourage, and motivate you in your job search. This can be a friend, another job seeker, or a coach/counselor. Just be sure to choose someone who can be objective with you — and critical of your efforts — when they need to be. That role might be too difficult for a spouse/partner.

TWO: 2019 could be the year of big changes for you. If you are having difficulty finding a job in your area, consider relocation. If you live in an area with high unemployment — especially in your industry — consider whether moving to another city, state, or region would improve your chances of getting hired.

THREE: Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, and others make it happen. You know which one you want to be. Stop thinking and start doing!

FOUR: Job searching can be lonely, especially if you are used to a busy work environment. But you don’t have to go it alone. Get the support of a team to help you. Ask your family and friends to support you. Join a job club. Use the services offered by your city, county, or state employment office. Contact your university alumni association….or hire a resume writer or career coach. *cough cough*

FIVE: Job searching is hard, especially as time rolls on and you are still looking. So be honest with yourself. Recognize that your motivation is going to increase and decrease, depending on the success (or lack of success) you are having in reaching your job search goal. Reward yourself for effort, not for results. Build in break, treats, rewards.