ABC’s of Jobseeking

When you start school, one of your first lessons is to learn the alphabet. Mastering your ABC’s is the key to unlocking all the rest that the world of knowledge has to offer.

Your first steps in the job search are not too different. In fact, it is still a matter of learning your ABC’s. The context is just a little different.

ABC = Always Be Connecting

Connecting with others, networking, has always been an important step in growing a career, but today networking is an essential for finding high-quality job openings and getting access to the decision makers when it comes to hiring.

Employers will always favor people they either know or those who come recommended, and it has never been easier to become known than it is  today in our social media age.

Now more than ever, it really is about who you know.

By expanding your network and staying regularly engaged you can create roads to reach recruiters and make opportunities to earn recommendations.