What’s your Rock?

If you have gone on a trail run in New England you have probably come across one of these.

In the state park in my town I have found at least a half dozen.

These old rock wall foundations are often all that is left to let you know the woods you are currently racing through was once cleared farmland. This half submerged, overgrown square of rocks was once a home or root cellar.

The buildings have long since rotted away, but the rock remains.

There is a reason rocks have been used as foundations since mankind started building. Heck even Jesus built his church on a rock (Peter=Cephas=Rock. See I went to Sunday school!)

Metaphorically we all need to build our lives on a rock foundation too. What is the one thing that is always there for you, no matter what? The thing you can fall back on when times get tough, when your career is at a standstill or you are out looking for work.

What is your rock?