Every Day is a Fresh Start

We often look at January first as unique. We give that singular point in time a special significance, but why? Has the first of January done anything to warrant it’s nearly religious reverence? Nope, not that I can see anyway. So let’s stop thinking of New Year’s day as the only fresh start of the year, because in reality, we can make a clean break from old habits or start doing something new at any point. Every day can be a fresh start if you want it to be.

So starting today, right now as you read this sentence, make a commitment to start fresh on whatever life project you may be struggling with. Maybe it’s a diet and exercise plan that you’ve done battle with for three months only to see the scale bounce back and forth four pounds. Maybe it is a job search where you started with all the hope and optimism in the world, but now see as an endless stream of unanswered emails and rejection notices.

Let’s put all of the past…..in the past. Start fresh, right now.

In order to make a clean break and really feel like this is a new you starting over you’ll need to switch up your strategies. What you’d been doing wasn’t working, so you need to try something else. Or, better yet, go back to the beginning and really focus on building the foundation you need to succeed. If you are anything like me, you probably skipped some of those early steps and pushed yourself too hard which leads to less satisfying results.

If you want to get a fresh start on your health, start eating better in small steps. For the first few days just drink more water. Then add in an apple a day. Then just try keeping track of your calories. Small steady steps, not crazy crash diets, lead to life changing results. If you want to find a new job, start focusing on your network, and if you find it lacking, get to work growing it. Better than 70% of new hires come through networking so it makes sense to spend the most time there. Just like weight loss, networking is a slow and steady process, not an overnight sprint.

Making a fresh start like this takes some courage. When we are in the midst of a struggle it feels like going backwards and to do so almost feels impossible. But then imagine what you’ll feel like 30-60 days from now when the benefits of that do-over start to really kick in. We’ll look back on this moment as the turning point. Don’t let fear beat you, turn the page, start over and do things right.