We all Need Help- Jobseeker Edition

Helping handsAfter over 12 years of working with senior executives, and leaders on the rise, in just about every industry imaginable, I have come up with a fairly set routine in terms of how to start a resume. And the first step actually isn’t about the resume- it is about educating the client.

Most executives are very good at what they do, that’s how they came to positions of leadership after all. However, that strength often leads to a weakness; what I’d call the Achilles heel of leaders. They think strength in one area translates to strength in all areas.

Of course it doesn’t really work that way. Tom Brady (no relation, just in case you were wondering) may be the greatest quarterback of all time, but that doesn’t mean he is also the best investor of all time. While I have no inside knowledge of Mr. Brady’s finances, I am willing to bet that he has a team of financial advisers who help him manage his money.

We all need a little help.

So the first thing I often have to teach clients is that they need to let go, and let me assist them. And almost without fail, after a few initial conversations they realize they need the help and a solid working relationship ensues.

Looking for that next big step in your career is a daunting task, and you need all the help you can get. Just think of all the skills and expertise required to do it well.

  • You need the skills of a crack researcher to dive into company histories to see hiring patterns to take advantage of
  • You need the powers of the politician, namely extroversion, to create that web of connections that can help you locate opportunities when they arise
  • You need serious design skills to make sure your materials, both online and off, are pleasing to the eye and take advantage of human reading patterns and machine recognition
  • You need the writing ability of an essayist to boil down years of experience into succinct bullet points that allure, but don’t overwhelm
  • And finally you need the editing skills of your high school English teacher to make sure everything you do is perfect

That is a lot to ask of anyone one person. But luckily you don’t have to go it alone. Just like Brady, you can have a team of advisers around you to help you achieve your goals. And don’t worry, you don’t need to be a multi-millionaire to afford the help you need. You just have to be aware of what is available, and be willing to do you part and let others do theirs.

  • Find a mentor in your field who is willing to help you navigate the mine fields
  • Not an extrovert? Then make friends with LinkedIn and network the introverted way.
  • Afraid your writing and design skills are lacking? A few hundred dollars spent on a professional writer now could land you a job 1-2 months quicker. How much lost salary will those few hundred dollars save?

Don’t go it alone. We all need a little help.