Job Search as Evolution

“Looking back over evolutionary ‘family trees,’ it appears that adaptations—such as changes in skin color or beak shape—occur in spurts… And those spurts seem to occur when new species arise… These times of supercharged evolution are separated by long stretches with relatively few adaptations, according to the study, which looked at genetic histories of plants, animals, and fungi.” – National Geographic

I want to use the above theory as an illustration of how we think about moving forward in our careers. Too often we spend our time working on and measuring the in-between parts, imagining that this is where the important growth happens, but it’s not. It is in the “supercharged” transitions between one part of our careers and the next when real growth happens. These are the moments of transformation and possibility when we feel most alive.

So, if you are currently between jobs or are looking to make that next big move in your career, embrace the experience, even if it feels a little bit painful. This is the time that you’ll someday look back on as one of those moments when you evolved from one level to the next. Pay attention.