Do the Work

There’s no doubt about it. Reading is beneficial to all areas of our lives. Read. Read. Read. Then read some more.

When it comes to seeking employment, find job search articles that are applicable to your situation. Sign up for newsletters that are aimed at your target career. Maybe even watch a TED talk or two. But beware using a good habit like reading as an excuse for a bad one like procrastination.

If you are actively seeking new employment or even a career change, procrastination is not your friend. It has even been called “opportunity’s assassin.” Make a plan and stick to it. Start by defining what you want and how to go about getting it. Then get to work making your plan into reality.

Network by joining local groups, attend job fairs and workshops, or even connect online.

Spend time crafting your various career documents (resumes, profiles, letters, portfolios) so that you have something targeted and dynamic to show off your abilities and accomplishments.

Actively follow your target companies on social media and try to connect with some employees personally so that you can tap that hidden job market.

Job hunting is work. Do the work.