Midlife Career Changers: The Brave

Doubling down on a failed path is not hard to do. In fact, many do it all the time. They know they’re on the wrong career path, but society has brainwashed them into thinking that staying the course, and toughing it out are noble endeavors.

Don’t get me wrong, a certain stick-to-itiveness is necessary. However, when deep down in your bones you know it is time for a change and yet you still emphasize the status quo, you’re taking the easy way out.

You have a choice between hoping off the hamster wheel of a unfulfilling job , or staying on the prescribed career ladder (I know, that was a painfully mixed metaphor).  I think the right choice is obvious. The hard part is convincing those around you it is a good decision. Midlife career changes are possible, but they take guts.