Career Resilience

Control is what everyone wants. That’s why we do everything from pore over the latest productivity apps, to building walls, to making 5-year plans. If we put enough structure around our professional and personal lives we’ll be able to control everything.

But deep down we know this doesn’t work. Life is anything but predictable, controllable. The better way forward is to build resiliency.

So how do you build career resiliency? Put structures in place that help with that unpredictability. Really, it is all about being proactive rather than reactive.

Instead of scrambling to update your resume once you’ve been downsized make a resume refresh a yearly task. New year’s is a good time to look back over your past year’s accomplishments and include them on your career documents.

Instead of engaging on LinkedIn after you find out you need a new job, make professional networking a regular part of your life. Pick one day a week to go on and engage with like-minded people. It could be as little as 20 minutes a week, but you’ll be guaranteed to have better connections in place when you really need them.

Instead of deciding to take a class or go to a seminar only after your job description has changed, make continuous improvement a part of your professional life. The internet has made continuing education simple and affordable to pursue.

These are obviously just a few activities you could do, but hopefully you get the idea. So let go of trying to control everything about your career and start building resiliency.