Stay on Message

You think you are a Quality Assurance/Sales/IT professional. But you’re not.

You are a story teller. A message deliverer.

OK, fair enough, you’re also a Quality Assurance/Sales/IT professional, but stick with me a minute.

If you are like the average person you’ll change jobs roughly every seven years. The average time it takes for someone to find a new position is up to six months. Put these two facts together and you have a situation where building your personal brand is a near full-time proposition. And do you know what a personal brand is at heart? A story. A message.

So, what story are you telling. Where are you telling it? And how do you want people to react. These are all key questions you need to ask yourself when you do the following:

  • Write your resume
  • Update your LinkedIn profile
  • Post something on social media
  • Network with like-minded professionals

Start with the narrative in mind. Who are you? A Mr. Fix-it? A Number-crunching Savant?  A Key Motivator? Once you nail down who you want to be seen as make sure the rest of your script stays on message.