Turning the Interview Tables

As a job search professional I’m often asked about interviews. The most common questions revolve around what types of questions the applicant will be asked and how best to prepare for them. This is all well and good, and a quick Google search will reveal a plethora of advice around it.

However, at some point during the interview if it’s a good one- the tables will turn and the applicant should be the one asking the questions. This is something a lot of applicants only half-prepare for, but the types of things you ask can tell a lot about you. Put some serious thought into what you want to know about the company. After all the interview isn’t just of you, but also of them. A good match takes two.

Need some help? Here’s one that is sure to get at the heart of how the company works. Ask the interviewer this: How do you and your organization respond when something doesn’t go right? 

Not only is it a serious questions that shows you are truly interviewing the company, it will also tell you if you really want to work there. Afterall, eventually you’ll mess up. It’d be nice to know how they’ll treat that.