Top 10 is Over-rated

If you want to really grow in your career it might be time to dig a little deeper than the latest buzzfeed post or best-seller list.

We read popular books, listen to popular music, scan the most shared articles. The internet inundates us with top 10 lists. Top 10 Ways to (fill in the blank).

This is both good and bad. Sometimes a book or article becomes popular because it has real value. But other times it is just because it seems easy. We all want the quick fix and many best-sellers and top ten lists are designed to give you the illusion of a quick fix.

If you really want to grow in your career/business/life you may want to venture off the top 10 lists. See what some other sources have to say. Instead of the current best-selling How-to book look for an older publication that is still being read and reviewed. Time tested advice is almost always good advice. Rather than reading the most shared article of the day try finding an actual expert in the field you want to get better at and look through their archives.

You may just find a hidden gem that everyone else is overlooking.