Friends of Friends

We all know the importance of networking, whether it be virtual, such as on LinkedIn, Facebook or other social media, or in person, at social events or community groups. However, based on conversations I have had over the years I think a lot of people do not understand exactly where the power of one’s network really comes from.

I’ll often hear people talk about their network as their direct connections, or friends. While this is certainly part of it, and an important part, it isn’t where the real power lies. Especially when talking about online networks.

The power of online networking lies in “friends of friends,” so the larger your network, the better! Don’t hold back on making a connection simply because you have not personally met them.

Your former co-worker or college buddy may not be able to lead you to a new position, but often their good recommendation to a third person can. When you find a company you’re interested in poll your connections and find someone who has a connection that may be able to help. Then ask for an introduction. That is the real power of networking.