Why to Set Daily Job Search Goals

I recently wrote about the importance of taking a break during your job search, especially since you should be treating it like a job in and of itself. After all, everyone needs the weekend, right?

In the process of the conversation that the post created I received quite a few comments along the same line: How exactly do I treat job searching like a job? What does that look like?

It’s a great question. Here is my best answer. Create a schedule and to-do lists for each “work day” and follow through just as you always have for work. Fill your day with strategic job search steps.

Here are some possible job search goals:

  • Find contacts at 10 companies in my target industry
  • Target my resume to 3 different job types
  • Add 30 poeple to my network
  • Set up 3 informational job interviews
  • Interact on LinkedIn for 2 30 minute sessions a day

The list of possibilities goes on from there. The key is to keep moving forward in a disciplined way.