Why It’s OK to Take Break from the Job Hunt

I spend a lot of time in LinkedIn’s Job Seeker Premium Group. The people there are generally serious, committed and disciplined job seekers and career development aficionados. I love hanging out there and answering people’s question because they are so appreciative and willing to adapt. They treat the job search like a job, which it is.

But they forget that we need a regular break from our jobs. Just like people who are self-employed, they can become victims of their own success.  When you’re in charge of your own schedule it is easy to always feel like there is something else you should be doing, but in the long run that is counterproductive.

The trick is to set daily and weekly goals for your job search. A goal gives you a destination — and once you know the destination, you can choose a path to get you there. Once you’ve reached it, give yourself permission to check out for a day or two.

Remember that you are more than your career. Trust me, if you have the proper strategies in place a day or two away from the hunt is not going to hurt your overall prospects. In fact, it will put you in a better frame of mind to attack the opportunities that do come your way.