Job Boards, More Than Meets the Eye

Only 2-4% of jobseekers land a job using online job boards, and so most experts (including me) would tell you not to spend the majority of your time there. However, there is something valuable you can learn by surfing the listings early in your job search.

Sometimes you can identify companies in fast-growth hiring mode by the type and number of jobs they advertise.

Once you identify ones that are growing the next step is to make connections within the company’s hiring structure. How do you do this? It just takes a little detective work.

  • Search the company’s website for department heads and supervisors.
  • Look them up on social media platforms- especially LinkedIn.
  • Follow, like, share.
  • Once you have been visible for a week or so, gently reach out. Send a direct message where you share a particular article, study, white paper that you think would interest them.

Ideally, within a 3-4 week span you should have some contacts within a fast growing company and will be ready to plumb the depths of the hidden job market rather than rely on the job boards.