How to be an All-Star, on LinkedIn

Here’s a question I see in LinkedIn group pages just about every day: How do I improve my overall profile strength. I like to try and be helpful in groups (it’s where I get most of my clients after all) so I usually click through to their profile and have a look.

More often than not what I see is an incomplete profile with key pieces of information missing. They have shot themselves in the foot before they’ve even started the race.

While there are many nuances and techniques to get the most out of this platform, having a solid profile is within everyone’s grasp.

Here are 5 keys to creating an All Star level profile.

  1. Profile picture. Have one. Make it professional. Stick to head shots.
  2. Headline. Make sure it is an original piece of personal branding that includes a couple industry keywords. Do not put the generic “Seeking new opportunities” line here.
  3. Summary. This is not a resume so feel free to use the first person and let a bit of personality show, just be sure to keep things professional. Again, include as many industry keywords as possible. LinkedIn allows 2,000 characters, so use them.
  4. Work History. Use bullets and focus like a laser on unique accomplishments. Don’t just list responsibilities. Keep it current. The past 15 years are most likely the most anyone needs to see.
  5. Misc. Get your unique LinkedIn address. List your email so people can connect with you. Keep your location setting as broad as possible.

OK, that’s it, the quick and dirty guide to getting started with your LinkedIn profile. Good luck!