Resumes For Teachers

Resumes for teachersI am taking a break from my normal career development posting today to talk directly to my people. You didn’t know I had people did you?

While I pride myself on providing top quality resume writing services, my first passion (and day job) is being an English teacher. I have taught everyone from high school seniors down to 7th graders. And though I have been in my current position for quite a few years now, I remember how hard it was getting my foot in the door of my desired system.  Because I didn’t know then, what I do know now, I spent a lot of time sending resume after resume to district after district.

Fast-forward 17 years and I now specialize in helping teachers and other professionals take the fast track to their desired job. I understand the level of competition many educators face when applying for an open position. Let me help you get your foot in the door faster.

I offer targeted, confidential, and professional resume writing for teachers, college instructors, administrators, and anyone else in education. Whether you are a college graduate, returning teacher, or career changer, I can help.

Being a teacher myself I am fully aware of the latest trends and buzz words, from differentiated instruction to I.E.P implementation to R.T.I. to Common Core…you get the idea.

I am also able to help educators target their resume to specific openings within a school district. Aligning yourself with the target school’s professional improvement plan is an essential strategy in landing that all important interview.

Keywords are key.

One of the most important aspects of the modern resume is the keyword section. This is the part of the resume that allows the reader to quickly get a sense of what a potential candidate brings to the table.

For example, if you were searching for an elementary position, you might want to include the following keywords in your resume:

  • Community Relations
  • Individualized Educational Plans
  • Academic Goals and Standards
  • Parent/Teacher Liaison
  • Extracurricular Direction
  • Student-Centered Instruction
  • Technology Integration
  • Discipline Management
  • Positive Learning Environment
  • Multicultural Awareness
  • Process Improvement
  • Program Management
  • Strategic Planning & Leadership

So, if you are a teacher and are looking to apply for an open position, let me help. I offer free evaluations to subscribers if you already have a working resume, and I also offer special pricing on new resumes for teachers. Contact me today and I’d be happy to discuss them with you.