Job Search Toolbox: 2014 Edition


Jobseekers who get the best results are the ones who treat the process as a job in and of itself. They put in the hours (at least 15 hours a week if you are currently employed is recommended), they keep their resumes up to date and they keep up on the latest trends.

We are now a couple of months into 2014 so it is safe to start making some predictions about job search trends for this year.

The short version? Tech matters. A lot.

The longer version? Here are 3 important trends to look for this year.

Video interviews: If you have not had one yet, chances are your next interview could very well be of the Skype variety. This can feel awkward if you are not used to video chatting. In order to get more comfortable with the medium start regularly using it to chat with friends and family. The more comfortable you feel, the better presentation you will make on an actual interview.

Keywords, keywords, keywords: Most larger companies and many smaller ones are using automated tracking systems. These sophisticated programs scour your resume and cover letter looking for predetermined keywords that show employers you have the requisite skills for the job. Do the research. Locate the keywords that are important for your industry and make sure they are a part of all your career documents letters, resumes, LinkedIn profile etc.

Your virtual footprint matters: More and more employers are checking. Recent studies suggest the number could be as high as 80%. If you have not scrubbed and filled out all of your social media profiles yet, you need to. Now. Don’t eliminate everything. Employers want to hire actually humans with personalities, but do be sure to delete and questionable photos and make your religion and political preferences private. Keep your image as professional as possible.

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