Career Building: 3 Reasons Small Steps Are Better

"Take small steps to achieve big dreams."The Hail Mary pass with only seconds left on the clock-

The game winning home run-

The product launch that goes viral-

These are the things we dream about. But note, none of these big, dramatic actions are possible without a lot of smaller steps over time.

When I first started my resume writing business I thought my shiny new website and a few Google ads would lead to an overflowing of clients. I thought that one big action would lead to success. I was wrong. Building a successful business meant a lot of small steps. (Learn social media, create consistent quality content, build a client list, engage, engage, engage, write quality resumes, ask for referrals.)

Needless to say the above list is not a description of overnight success; it is a recipe for slow and steady growth over time. The same will be true for you no matter what your career.

Building a career requires many small actions executed over time, not any one big action. Here are three reasons why.

1. Big plans without checkpoints are doomed to fail. It is good to have a dream and to keep your eye on the end goal. But if you don’t have small checkpoints along the way you won’t be able to measure progress or make course adjustments. If you want to achieve your dream in a year, create monthly benchmarks. Have a five-year plan? Then use six month benchmarks.

2. Small successes feed big dreams. There as psychological benefits to each small success you make along the way. Think of the last time you were on a diet. If you wanted to lose 20 pounds in six months, you would weigh yourself each week and get pumped as the scale moved in the right direction. If you only weighed yourself at the end of the six months you may not have had the will power to make it through. Stack the deck in your favor.

3. Small steps guarantee success. Not every dream comes true. Some of your big goals will remain unreached. However, if you plan and measure the small steps along the way then you are guaranteed to have at least a few small successes. These will then help you plan better for the next big goal. Just keep moving forward.

So what is your big dream? How can you break it down to guarantee yourself success?


Author: Steve P Brady

My vocation is that of an English teacher and job search coach. In my leisure time I am a reader, writer and runner (and a huge horror fan).

3 thoughts on “Career Building: 3 Reasons Small Steps Are Better”

  1. Baby steps is always the best approach. Your post makes some good points, I especially like the one suggesting marking small successes. The bigger goal is all well and good, but small successes are the fuel that keeps us focused.

  2. Thank you… this is a lovely post. I agree 100%. Am currently in the beginning phases of a project expected to release June 1 of this year. It is broken down into small steps all leading up to the actual release. Some think I am moving too slowly as it could actually happen in less than a month but I don’t believe in rushing so quickly that we end up missing essential pieces of the puzzle along the way. In addition to the release of this project, it goes much further than that climax…. beyond that comes major marketing campaigns. Your writing reminds me to just stay on course, keep the compass steady and reach small milestones, smell the flowers then get back on that road toward success. Success is always guaranteed in any endeavor passionately pursued, even with mistakes we have succeeded in finding a different way. The key is to keep pursuing the dream. Thank you again, for this wonderful post.

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