How To Achieve Any Goal

Measuring_cupEver set a goal for yourself and then completely miss the mark? You wanted to lose weight, learn a new language, write a book, or change careers, and a year later you are still right where you started? 
Of course you have. We all have. But we don’t have to get stuck. We just need a new way of looking at things.
One of the best pieces of advice I ever received around the concept of goal setting was the half and double rule. The idea is to cut your goal in half and double the amount of time you budget for it.
I know, at first this seems counter-productive, but it actually works.
The beauty of this technique is that it forces you to shrink your goals down into incredibly small and manageable pieces. When the daily task is easily doable you’re less likely to put it off. String a few days together and all of a sudden you have momentum going in your favor.
For instance, let’s say your goal was to add 100 LinkedIn connections by this summer. LinkedIn is an important tool in any jobseeker or career builders tool box, and having the right type of contacts is just as important as having a properly written profile. So, I don’t mean generic contacts, but actual legitimate people who are active in your field. According to the half and double rule your new goal would be to add 50 by Christmas.
This is really doable, right? However, a goal with that distant of a deadline won’t keep you motivated, so you need to create monthly check-ins. The obvious one here would be the goal of finding one new connection every week. 
Anyone can find one new contact a week. You can probably accomplish this goal without really trying. But the thing is, once you start looking for people and cultivating connections you will find yourself adding much more than one per week. The half and double rule is all about putting you in the right frame of mind to achieve the goal.


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