Recruiters Search LinkedIn for These 4 Types of Employees -Are you one of them?

Free_personality_testingOver 7,000 people search LinkedIn every minute of every day.  That comes to 420,000 an hour, 10,000,000 a day, 70,000,000 a week! With so much regular activity you want to be sure that your profile is optimized for peak performance, that you have a professional picture, and that you avoid some of the common pitfalls of LinkedIn users.

However, in today’s job market you need to go a step further and be sure you are presenting yourself as one of the 4 types of employees that recruiters and employers are searching for. No need for elaborate personality tests, just make sure you align your profile with one of the following.

The Teacher

The realities of downsizing and budget cuts mean that many companies now have to rely on in-house mentors to train employees and new hires. Those who possess teacher, or mentor, potential are in high demand. Does your profile provide evidence of your ability to communicate complex topics to both technical and non-technical audiences? Do you have experience training or coaching team members? Make sure to highlight these skills in both your profile summary as well as your job descriptions.

The Student

Just as every firm needs employees who will take people under their wing and teach them valuable skills, they also need employees who are willing to learn. Teachable team members are a highly sought after commodity. If you are not the mentor type then make sure your LinkedIn profile provides evidence of your willingness to learn and grow within a position. List your professional development activities, memberships and even personal growth goals, to give potential employers an overview of your student-like qualities.

The Jack-of-All-Trades

As companies downsized during the last recession, employees who could wear multiple hats become incredibly important. Just because the economy is improving doesn’t change this fact. If you can show yourself to be a jack-of-all-trades, your desirability as an employee will rise dramatically. Add details to your page that showcase your ability to pinch-hit in multiple departments and take on challenges that do not necessarily fall under your job description.

The Cheerleader

We have all worked with one before, that person who remains upbeat no matter how daunting the challenge before them. Recruiters prize individuals who can instantly boost morale and inspire teammates to achieve at a high level. This is harder to convey than the other 3 types, but that just makes it all the more important to spend some time editing your profile to make sure you let your positive shine through.

Getting noticed on LinkedIn is something of a science, but with the millions of searches done every day your chances are good that someone is looking for a candidate like you.  Make sure your profile sets you up as one of the four types of employees people are looking for and your chances and opportunities will rise exponentially.

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