Quick Intro

I’m an English teacher by day, and a Job Search Coach by night. Born and raised in New England, I have deep roots going back over 300 years and I’m pretty sure I can’t leave. I’m also a horror fan with a solid Stephen King collection. In other words, I’m a real person, not a faceless company. I’ll personally work with you until you are happy.

Why me?

  • I have 15 years of experience as a Resume Writer and Coach.
  • Advanced degrees in English and Classics
  • 10+ year member of Resume Writer’s University
  • Ranked nationally as a Top 10 Resume Writer by Growth Hack Your Career

What I Do

In addition to writing resumes and LinkedIn profiles, I help job seekers level up their search by teaching 5 proven strategies to take control of their search and land interviews.


Are you serious about your job search? Would you be interested in learning the 5 secrets to landing job interviews and growing your career? 

If you have 5 minutes, I will show you 5 proven strategies that, when put into practice, will level up your job search.

I am so confident they work, I am backing this up with a free give away: an in-depth review of your current resume, a $300 value. Just click through and use the password “secrets” to access the 5 proven strategies and complimentary review.