I help 6-figure job seekers level up their job search with 5 proven strategies. I can help with everything from resume creation and profile optimization to personal branding.

Why me?

  • I have 15 years of experience as a Resume Writer and Coach.
  • Advanced degrees in English and Classics
  • 10+ year member of Resume Writer’s University
  • Ranked nationally as a Top 10 Resume Writer by Growth Hack Your Career


I’m an English teacher by day, and a Career Coach by night. Born and raised in New England, I have deep roots going back over 300 years and I’m pretty sure I can’t leave. In other words, I’m a real person, not a big company. I’ll personally work with you until you are happy.


The first step is to review your current resume, which helps me understand your background and goals. I’ll also provide a sample resume so you can see my work.

After that, if we both feel like there is a fit, we’ll get started. If not, no worries – at the very least you’re going to get some solid feedback on your current resume.


Ready to talk? Reach out to me through email or connect with me on LinkedIn. Isn’t it time you leveled up?