My mission is to help leaders on the rise advance their careers. I not only provide executive resumes, I also provide optimized LinkedIn profiles, a full set of career documents and some virtual job search mentoring.


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ATS. Professional Branding. Work Gaps. Core Competencies. I hear you. It’s all a little confusing. Today’s job market is a complicated puzzle, but I can help you fit the pieces together.

By day I am an English teacher. By night I am an Executive Resume Writer with 15 years of experience helping job seekers just like you. And while my vocation is that of a teacher and job search coach, in my leisure time I am a book nerd with a pretty solid Stephen King collection. In other words, I’m a real person, not a resume factory.

I have been working with clients in just about every industry type imaginable for over 15 years. As a globally recognized executive resume writer and job search coach, I have worked with people as close to me as Boston and as remote from me as Australia. My clients have gone on to work for major sports teams, prominent television channels and media companies as well as becoming CEO’s of all stripes.

I understand that investing in an Executive Resume package can be an intimidating process. Rest assured, I’ll make it as painless as possible. I offer a number of career documents : fully branded, keyword rich resumes, LI profile summaries, cover letters , post-interview thank-you letters, reference sheets, and some light coaching.

As for cost, while I am not a $200 cut-and-paste kind of guy, I am not a $2000 a package job coach either. I consider myself a happy medium. The exact cost of each package depends of the type of job targeted as well as the client’s experience level.

If you are serious about getting a new job and growing your career, I’d love to work with you.


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Job Search Services


I’ll take your skills and experience and create a professional image and brand to encapsulate your career purpose and goals.

Executive Resumes

A modern resume can be summed up in two phrases- clean lines and current content. This means a document that is not afraid of white space and can be scanned quickly. A resume is like an advertisement. If an ad is cluttered it will often be skipped or key information will be lost. Current content means that the last ten years of employment should be the focus.

LinkedIn Profiles

Over 7,000 people search LinkedIn every minute of every day. With so much regular activity you want to be sure that your profile is optimized for peak performance and that you avoid some of the common pitfalls of LinkedIn users.


I also provide virtual job search coaching in addition to my 5-day email Job Search Jump Start course, which includes three 40+ page workbooks on networking, interviewing and getting the most out of LinkedIn.

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How I Work

The best work comes about when there is a collaboration between client and writer so I will expect some back and forth with you as we get everything just right. After a lot of trial and error I have found email to be the best way to communicate accurately and efficiently.  For this to go smoothly we both need to agree to respond to emails within 24 hrs. Your time is important and so is mine.

First, I will review your current resume. There is no charge for this as it helps me understand your background and provide an accurate quote and it lets you see how I work. If after this review, we both feel like there is a fit, I’ll send along a contract and we’ll get started.

Once we start, the process will be one of collaboration. I’ll send each piece of the project to you as soon as it’s finished for comments. Once I get your feedback I’ll make edits and move on to the next piece. The entire process should take no longer than one week.

Most of the big-box companies will nickel and dime you with add-ons, opening with a lower price on the resume and then add on over-priced cover letters and thank you letters. I don’t. I am telling you upfront you don’t want just a resume. You need a complete package that has a cohesive style to stand out.

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Sami Gheriafi

Sami Gheriafi: Director of Consulting:

Steve did a phenomenal job in revamping my resume from a historical log of what I did, when, what and so forth, to a recent, ATS friendly and relevant one. The interesting part was not the content of my new resume or the style, but the participatory approach that he followed. He engaged me so I may have ownership of each step and every letter. Now I am not only comfortable with the information I have on my resume and LinkedIn profile but have the confidence that my resume truly reflects who I am, what I do, and what impact I made in my career. One last thing, when you view my resume you will see Steve’s fingerprints but with my personal spirit and touch. If you are looking for someone to really coach you, look no more. You’ve got Steve!

Sami Gheriafi

Suzette Spitzer

Suzette Spitzer: Senior Manager

Steve shares his gift of seeing the big picture of your career and capturing concisely in language so that you can tackle finding new opportunities with focus and effectiveness. His empathy for the challenges of job seekers shows in all his one on one interactions and his contributions to the LinkedIn community. I sought his support when laid off from my company after 12 years. I highly recommend taking advantage of Steve’s services if you wish to find a new role.

Suzette Spitzer